Weather at your fingertips... links are selected for their quality and clarity of information, helping you make a highly informed 'best guess' about the weather conditions, when and where it matters - all from a single website. Just remember, or better still add to your Home Screen Help.

Key to Mobile Info:
Mobile support indicator Full support, downloadable App(s)    Mobile support indicator Basic mobile support    - click on the icons below for more info

PLAIN LANGUAGE - simple text and pictorial based forecasts Mobile-friendliness indicator A very useful forecast of hourly weather for the next four days.

X/C Weather Mobile-friendliness indicator Move the cursor to your desired location then click for a forecast.

Met Office Mobile-friendliness indicator Naturally a very comprehensive site with clear graphics.

RAIN RADAR - shows the relative movement and intensity of rain

Meteox Mobile-friendliness indicator Comprehensive, plus a simple graphic overview for major European cities.

SATELLITE IMAGES - shows the relative position and movement of clouds

Met Office Mobile-friendliness indicator Hourly updates showing cloud cover during daylight hours. Visible and infrared images available.

Sat 24 Mobile-friendliness indicator Excellent displays, with a wide range of options.

'LONG RANGE' FORECASTS - from 5 to 14 days ahead Mobile-friendliness indicator Up to 14 days ahead.

UK Weather Mobile-friendliness indicator Clear tabular overview display.

MARINE - all text, very easy to understand

Met Office Mobile-friendliness indicator Inshore Waters Forecast.


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